Dana White labels Ben Askren as "The most boring fighter in MMA history"

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Ben Askren is Bellator's welterweight champion, and like most fighters, they usually have the UFC on their radar as far as career goals go. Its not a knock against Bellator, it's simply fact that if you want the money and the recognition, and that you're competitive enough that you want to fight the best in the world, then the only place there is for that is with the worlds biggest promotion, the UFC. But it appears that Ben Askren doesn't want to bring his game to the next level and show everyone how good he believes he is by taking his game to the UFC. Askren shot his career in the foot the other night by calling Dana white a liar.

In the post event press conference in Sweden Saturday, White was asked about the possibility of creating a program to randomly test Zuffa's 300+ fighters, White responded by saying it was impossible.

So the outspoken Askren took to his Twitter account to say:

“The USOC random tests Olympic athletes in all sports. Dana saying testing his fighters would be impossible is a bold faced lie.”

Dana then replied via his Twitter account, saying:

“When ambien can’t sleep it takes Ben Askren. The most boring fighter in MMA history. I would rather watch flys f**k”

Askren has recently been heavily criticised for his boring "lay and pray", "one dimensional" fighting style by fans and media alike, even getting into a argument with Ariel Helwani who also criticised his style, Askren then requested that Helwani step into the cage with him rather than defend his style with logic and words.

Whether he wants to admit it or not, Askren also seems very much bothered by all his criticism,  in his post fight interview recently in Windsor at a Bellator event 2 weeks ago, Askren  insulted the fans for what he perceived as their lack of MMA intelligence because they booed him loudly and profusely for forcing them to watch him lay on top of Douglas Lima for 5 rounds, while inflicting zero damage on the challenger, nor putting Lima in any danger of being finished. Askren simply controlled Lima from the top position for the entire 5 sleep inducing rounds, the fans were undertandably upset, they paid to watch a fight, and simply didn't get anything close to one. 

Some may say that "This is Mixed Martial Arts", and "it's not Askren's fault that Lima couldn't get up"  and that's all very right, it is indeed, and you can do whatever you want within the rules to win, but in order to sustain fan interest, which is ultimately what drives the sport and pays the fighters and the promotions who employ the fighters, there has to be some entertainment value. If every mixed martial arts fight was like that, this sport would die, there is no way that kind of fighting can sustain fan interest or the sport.

It also appears that Askren is just simply afraid to take a punch and would like to take the safest and least damaging route to victory. Which is fine, but he also needs to start working more from the top and inflicting serious damage from his top position if he plans on selling his style to the fans. Simply controlling his opponent for 5 rounds just isn't good enough. 

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