Dana White confirms BJ Penn is NOT retired, and will return to fight the Octagon


Fighting can be a very emotional experience for a fighter, it's often what drives the fighter in the ring or cage, but sometimes it can also get the better of you, especially if you lose. 

Take BJ Penn for instance, after a highly emotional fight with Nick Diaz, one he lost. It was truly a tough pill to swallow for the former Lightweight and welterweight ex-champ. He was beat up and frustrated and severely disappointed at the fights outcome, so much so that he told the crowd during his post fight interview with Joe Rogan that he was hanging up his gloves. 

"Hats off to Nick Diaz. He's the man. Joe, this was probably the last time you'll see me in here. I can't keep performing at the top level. That's it Joe. I got a daughter and another daughter on the way, I don't want to go home looking like this. I'm done."

But when UFC president Dana White was able to sit down and talk with Penn at UFC on FX card in Sweden, as it turns out, Penn's career is stil active, this is what Dana white said:

(via MMA Fighting):

"I heard some s--- that he said he was going to retire and all this stuff, he was like, 'Nah, I'm going to fight again.' White said

As most of us already knew, Penn's retirement that night wasn't to be taken seriously, he simply made a hasty and very emotionally charged decision at the time, but after some time to reflect on the situation, Penn obviously changed his mind.  And i'm sure most of us fans are happy to hear he'll be back.

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