UFC is “Definitely Interested” in Eddie Alvarez; Says Dana White, Hopes to talk to him Soon


Dana White had a lot to say yesterday after the UFC 153 event in Rio ended, and besides all the talk of the spectacular event last night, Eddie Alvarez was also discussed by the UFC president, where White has stated he is definitely interested in arguably the best lightweight fighter outside of the UFC.

How could the UFC not be interested in the 24-3 Alvarez, he has been one of the best fighters on the planet for years, always puts on incredible performances and is an absolute threat to any organizations lightweight title. 

When White was asked about Alvarez last night, White said:

“Eddie Alvarez’s contract is up, we’re gonna talk to him soon,”

With all the bickering between Bellator and the UFC with the UFC claiming that Bellator's tactic's towards fighters they cut is "Borderline criminal", which could mean that Bellator could make the signing of Alvarez extremely difficult, but not impossible. It's also possible that white started the argument knowing that he'd be soon negotiating with them and Alvarez. Calling them out publicly would help White avoid Bellator from complicating Alvarez's signing process. 

“I don’t know what the stipulations on his contract are, whether we can talk to him now or there’s more time,” added White. “But we’ll dive in and we’ll see what happens. We’re definitely interested in him and we have been for a while.”

For his part, after he knocked out Shinya Aoki, knowing his Bellator contract was winding down, Alvarez has been elusive about his future. Some of his sentiments seemed to lean towards wanting to fight for the UFC without bruising his current bosses.

Alvarez told after the Aoki fight:

“It’s the financial situation, as well as my ability to grow in whatever company I’m fighting for, Money does mean a lot, but I also want to be able to grow in whatever company I’m at, which means I want to be able to fight the best guys in the world.”

Alvarez knows the best fighters in the world fight in the UFC, so he's basically saying if the money is right he'll sign with the UFC. 


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