Patrick Cote Takes to Twitter to Expose Sponsor Who Won't Pay Him for UFC 148

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Without Sponsors to help MMA fighters supplement their income, it would be incredibly hard to make decent money fighting for a living, sponsorship is an integral part of a fighters income. Sadly though, it seems not all sponsors pay their fighters, that is, according to Patrick "The Predator" Cote's allegations. According to Cote, he's still waiting to be paid by a certain sponsor for UFC 148.

It appears that this sponsor has not made any type of contact with Cote, and appears to be ignoring Cote's requests for payment or even a response. Cote also alleges they have not paid other fighter(s) from UFC 148 as well.

Out of obvious frustration, Cote has taken his plight to the twitterverse, tweeting recenty that he is still awaiting a response and/or payment from this sponsor. 


If this is true, it's incredibly sad to see fighters have to chase sponsors for payment, this is the last thing a fighter should need to worry about. 

Thanks to our good friend @MMAOwl for the Heads up.

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